Having A Wild Weekend

Live at the Dog & Bull August 26th 2012

Well, as you can see the CC have invaded historic Croydon in their never-ending quest for world domination. Don’t let the picture fool you, it was a very tight squeeze. Another thing that was kind of strange was playing music while the sun was still out.

The staff of the Dog & Bull were great and we had a great time and the crowd seemed to enjoy what we were doing. But there was a tense moment before the music began, a sad event that threatened to destroy our happy atmosphere. Read on.

Now I bought the Club on April 17, 2010 and have used for gigs and recording sessions so I would say he has seen moderate use. I like to switch my gear time and time again to keep things in rotation. When we started up the band Scott didn’t have his own amp so I sold him the Club, I already had 2 amps with 12″inch speakers so I really didn’t need it anymore.

It was an afternoon show and we had to play from 3pm to 7pm. My dear friend for over ten years  and coconspirator  Scott was using the ZT Club 12  I sold him and I was using my ZT Lunchbox Stack because the place was small and it was a very tight playing area.

While getting ready for the show Scott set up the amp and his pedals and when we started a line check the Club 12 would not turn on. We checked the power cable, power strip, cables, outlets, everything and it would not turn on. Due to the tight space I had to lay the amp on its front to check the back and then the pilot would turn on, when the amp was set back up the light would go off. Then a very fait throbbing sound came out of the speaker and began to intensify. I shut down the amp and repeated everything. Same thing happened only the throbbing started much louder. WHAT COULD IT BE?

Needless to say we were kind of in a panic because this was our first gig at this place and we wanted to put our best foot forward and the amp in question was working fine that morning so Scott and I were none to pleased.

Lucky for us Alan,our bass player, lived only 10 minutes away and rushed home and got his ZT Lunchbox stack so we were covered for the gig but the amp is out of warranty and it requires a trip to Berkeley, California so ZT Amps can look at it and  repair it. To ship it and fix it Scott will be out of pocket over $100. As of now he is still thinking about the options.

But the gig went on and we played great, a great time was had by all and we all drank lemonade. The end.

Now we have some more gigs com in up in the near future. Of course we have the LOOM gig on Friday, September 7 and we return to the Dog & Bull on 11/24, that’s right Thanksgiving Day weekend. So if your sick of seeing the relatives and want to go someplace with a great beer selection come on out. Details to follow.



Another gig at a new venue!!

Hey everyone! Back from spending 4 days inside Airstream trailer at the Starlux in Wildwood NJ and now we are getting ready for the next offensive.

We will be coming to Croydon to play at The Dog And Bull which is a bar and eatery from the guys who brought you Three Monkeys Cafe so the brew selection is pretty extensive and the food is great. The bonus is that the Dog And Bull is located at the Croydon stop on the Trenton line so access is pretty easy from Center City and much more relaxing than taking the EL and buses. All the info is on out “Gigs and Appearances” page.

Everything kicks off at 3pm so come on out and enjoy some good music, good food, and good beer.



Oh and the marvelous photos are by my marvelous wife Lindsay Harris-Friel