Flying for Fox Haven

Fox Haven is getting a chance to come outside and play again, this time in Minneapolis with Theatre Pro Rata. These are the wonderful people who produced Traveling Light in a real historic cemetery on a midsummer night, so I’m very excited to have Fox Haven be part of their reading series. I can’t wait to see what they do with it. I’m also excited to see their production of Elephant’s Graveyard tonight, written by George Brant and directed by Amber Bjork.

As I type this, with my index finger into my phone, I’m waiting in an extremely hot airport for my flight out West. The flight’s delayed, so I’m in that weird passenger lounge limbo, afraid to step away to use the bathroom, but afraid not to do it now while I can. Should have done it ten minutes ago.

Maybe I should have taken Amtrak. It would have taken thirty hours, but I’d have gotten some writing time, plus Amtrak is the best place to write these days.

Anyway. I am Minneapolis-bound, and really excited to work with Theater Pro Rata again. If I ever get out of this airport.


We have something(s) to say!!!!!!!!

Travis Carson

The Conshohocken Curve would like to welcome Travis Carson as our new drummer.

Not only is Travis a fine drummer he is also a teacher at Olney High School. So he is well equipped to deal with our shenanigans. We will have more info about Travis later but we have to get him up to snuff on our stuff so keep checking in to get the straight poop.

I would also like to wish my wife Lindsay on a safe journey today. She is heading out to Minneapolis to work with Carin Bratlie and Amber Bjork of Theater Pro Rata on a new project. It’s currently 12 degrees in Minneapolis with an expected low of -5. But don’t worry, Lindsay is wearing the Gortex coat of hibernation and she is armed with a  couple of sets of thermal under ware. She is ready, mostly.

And another bon voyage to Sarah Shown and Taylor Galassi from This Way To The Egress, they are heading to the Bahamas on a Steampunk Cruise and they are providing the entertainment. How cool is that?

And Delaware’s premiere (only)acoustic “dork rock power duo” Hot Breakfast is heading to Austin to attend SXSW in March. Have fun Jill and Matt, and bring back some brisket.

It’s great to know so many talented people.

Well, that’s all for now. More news later