A little a chat


2015 CBR CCurve side 1







Well, we have been very busy rehearsing for a couple of big upcoming shows and we are also working on some original material as well. So a trip into the recording cavern may be soon. It is good to have momentum and a goal.

We hope some of you can come out to our May 9th gig at The Dog & Bull and/or The Covered Bridge Poker Run in Langhorne on June 14th. These are going to be exciting and different for us, especially with our stripped down lineup. New songs, new attitude.

I have been busy getting ready as well, recording material, and listening to a bunch of records (yes, records) from the Numero Group. I highly recommend this lable if you want to hear some obscure but great soul, R&B, rock, and everything in between. Best thing, you get a free digital download when purchasing vinyl so you have the best of both worlds. Check them out.

Don’t currently have a turntable? No problem, I have a recommendation for you. the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct Drive Turntable. These can be had new for about $250 from Amazon. It is basically a clone of the mega-expensive Technics SL-1200. For the money it’s a very good turntable and comes with a very good cartridge. Yes, you do have to set the weight on the tone arm but that takes a few minutes. The unit is very heavy and built solid, you can use the USB connection to digitize your vinyl or plug in to your system and use it as a standard record player. It also does 78rpm. The second runner up would be the Music Hall USB-1 which is in the same price point but does not play at 78rpm10171062_10203684348851108_3607678635670959965_n

Please stay away from those Crosley record players that you see at Target or any cheap record player for that matter, they are crap and will ruin your records because the tracking weight is pre-set, usually on the heavy side. Not good. You can spot a quality turntable be making sure it has the following: adjustable tracking weight, adjustable anti-skate, adjustable tone arm height, pitch control, and strobe (the dots on the edge of the turntable) if it has the, some don’t but it’s not that big of a deal.

So all of you folks who have a lot of records but no turntable, what are you waiting for? There is plenty of stuff out there and a lot of new artists releasing vinyl are including a free download or a CD of the album with the vinyl, so you get both formats for price of one. Which I think is the best thing going

The rest of the summer we will be on vacation so keep coming back to see what awaits us in the fall. Keep coming back for more news.


What’s going on?

Been a little lazy but I’m getting back into the swing of updating our page. I hope you all had a bountiful Thanksgiving.

December 20, 2014-We will be playing in Philadelphia for the first time ever. That’s right, we are going to be at the Dawson Street Pub in Manayunk. We start at 9pm and there is a $5 cover. As an added bonus there will be Conshohocken Brewing Company beer on tap all weekend. And it just gets better because Tom Bera from Philly Blind Pig BBQ will be at Dawson Street Pub all day Saturday and Sunday with his smoker and a selection of fine smoked meats.

So you have great music, great beer and great food all in one place. Now that’s what I call a party!

We have something(s) to say!!!!!!!!

Travis Carson

The Conshohocken Curve would like to welcome Travis Carson as our new drummer.

Not only is Travis a fine drummer he is also a teacher at Olney High School. So he is well equipped to deal with our shenanigans. We will have more info about Travis later but we have to get him up to snuff on our stuff so keep checking in to get the straight poop.

I would also like to wish my wife Lindsay on a safe journey today. She is heading out to Minneapolis to work with Carin Bratlie and Amber Bjork of Theater Pro Rata on a new project. It’s currently 12 degrees in Minneapolis with an expected low of -5. But don’t worry, Lindsay is wearing the Gortex coat of hibernation and she is armed with a  couple of sets of thermal under ware. She is ready, mostly.

And another bon voyage to Sarah Shown and Taylor Galassi from This Way To The Egress, they are heading to the Bahamas on a Steampunk Cruise and they are providing the entertainment. How cool is that?

And Delaware’s premiere (only)acoustic “dork rock power duo” Hot Breakfast is heading to Austin to attend SXSW in March. Have fun Jill and Matt, and bring back some brisket.

It’s great to know so many talented people.

Well, that’s all for now. More news later


More gigs coming!!!!

2014 is shaping up to be a busy year so check our “Gigs and Appearances” page to see where we are playing next. We are doing acoustic shows in November, January, February, and March at our favorite venue The Dog & Bull and in April we return to The Happy Hour Tavern in Levittown. Stay tuned for more gigs and news as things develop.

Great Gig @ The Dog & Bull and another gig at a new place



Well The Curve worked their way through a 4 hour set to a packed Dog & Bull ski we want to give a big shout out to the staff and Andy Wells for a great evening as usual. We have another gig coming up on Friday April 5th at a new venue called The Piper Lounge in Lansdale Pa. In facet they are so new they don’t even have a web site yet, but being the fearless men that we are we are pretty confidant we can bring the rock. So if your doing anything come on out. We would love to have you. For further info check out our “Gigs and Appearances” page.


Some news and an upcoming gig

A lot has been going on so sorry if you have not seen any updates here. There is some good news. We are playing this Saturday at our favorite venue and hang out, The Dog and Bull in beautiful, scenic Croydon. With even more songs in our repertoire now we have more ways to satisfy your music jones so check our “Appearances” for further info. We are also planning to head back into the recording dungeon and work on some acoustic material and maybe some other surprises so stay tuned.

Now if you will excuse I need to get back to listening to David Bowie’s new album “The Next Day” as well as working my way through the Roxy Music The Complete Studio Recordings box set.

What to do on a Sunday afternoon

Sundays can be so hard.

Should you stay in and relax?

Listen to some Dusty Springfield while sipping a cup of fresh coffee?

Read the paper?

Do the laundry?

Or maybe meet up with a friend or two for some brunch, maybe even going as far as having a late lunch consisting of fine burgers and a large selection of beers and ciders. Maybe even a bloody Mary or two while you chow down on some deep fried pickles. And to add to the afternoon’s festivities maybe one of Philly’s premiere cover bands happens to be playing some fine songs.

The two things that would make it perfect would be no cover charge and being easy to get to.

Well guess what, such a thing does exist and on Sunday January 27th you can experience it with The Conshohocken Curve at The Dog & Bull Brew and Music House which is located right at the Croydon station on the Septa Trenton Line. Come out, have a delicious burger and other fine foods, drink the wide selection of beers, ales, and ciders and take the train back home to Center City.
There. That was easy wasn’t it?