A little a chat


2015 CBR CCurve side 1







Well, we have been very busy rehearsing for a couple of big upcoming shows and we are also working on some original material as well. So a trip into the recording cavern may be soon. It is good to have momentum and a goal.

We hope some of you can come out to our May 9th gig at The Dog & Bull and/or The Covered Bridge Poker Run in Langhorne on June 14th. These are going to be exciting and different for us, especially with our stripped down lineup. New songs, new attitude.

I have been busy getting ready as well, recording material, and listening to a bunch of records (yes, records) from the Numero Group. I highly recommend this lable if you want to hear some obscure but great soul, R&B, rock, and everything in between. Best thing, you get a free digital download when purchasing vinyl so you have the best of both worlds. Check them out.

Don’t currently have a turntable? No problem, I have a recommendation for you. the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Direct Drive Turntable. These can be had new for about $250 from Amazon. It is basically a clone of the mega-expensive Technics SL-1200. For the money it’s a very good turntable and comes with a very good cartridge. Yes, you do have to set the weight on the tone arm but that takes a few minutes. The unit is very heavy and built solid, you can use the USB connection to digitize your vinyl or plug in to your system and use it as a standard record player. It also does 78rpm. The second runner up would be the Music Hall USB-1 which is in the same price point but does not play at 78rpm10171062_10203684348851108_3607678635670959965_n

Please stay away from those Crosley record players that you see at Target or any cheap record player for that matter, they are crap and will ruin your records because the tracking weight is pre-set, usually on the heavy side. Not good. You can spot a quality turntable be making sure it has the following: adjustable tracking weight, adjustable anti-skate, adjustable tone arm height, pitch control, and strobe (the dots on the edge of the turntable) if it has the, some don’t but it’s not that big of a deal.

So all of you folks who have a lot of records but no turntable, what are you waiting for? There is plenty of stuff out there and a lot of new artists releasing vinyl are including a free download or a CD of the album with the vinyl, so you get both formats for price of one. Which I think is the best thing going

The rest of the summer we will be on vacation so keep coming back to see what awaits us in the fall. Keep coming back for more news.